Currently uploaded 7TM coordinates are shown in red.

G protein-coupled receptors (activated)

(partial, biased, allosteric) agonist bound or ligand free

The term "activated" does not necessarily mean that the structures differ from the "inactivated".

reso: resolution (from PDB)
Ab: antibody bound
Nb: nanobody bound
T4L: ICL3 replaced with T4 lysozyme
T4L-N: T4 lysozyme N-terminally fuzed
cyt-ICL3: ICL3 replaced with mutated apocytochrome b562
xfel: x-ray free electron laser

rhodopsin2G87200 (A)2.60all-trans-retinalbovine, batho-state
200 (B)2.60all-trans-retinalbovine, batho-state
2HPY200 (A)2.80all-trans-retinalbovine, lumi-state
200 (B)2.80all-trans-retinalbovine, lumi-state
2I37199 (A)4.15invisiblebovine
200 (B)4.15invisiblebovine
195 (C)4.15invisiblebovine
3CAP200 (A)2.90nonebovine
200 (B)2.90nonebovine
3DQB200 (A)3.20nonebovine, Gt-peptide
3PQR200 (A)2.85all-trans-retinalbovine, Gt-peptide
3PXO200 (A)3.00all-trans-retinalbovine
4J4Q200 (A)2.65octylglucosidebovine, Gt-peptide
2X72200 (A)3.00all-trans-retinalbovine, 1 mutated, Gt-peptide
4A4M200 (A)3.30all-trans-retinalbovine, 1 mutated, Gt-peptide
4BEY200 (A)2.90nonebovine, 1 mutated, Gt-peptide
4BEZ200 (A)3.30nonebovine, 1 mutated(2.57)
4PXF200 (A)2.75octylglucosidebovine, arr-peptide
4ZWJ200 (A)3.30nonebovine, arr, xfel
200 (B)3.30nonebovine, arr, xfel
200 (C)3.30nonebovine, arr, xfel
200 (D)3.30nonebovine, arr, xfel
4X1H200 (A)2.29nonylglucosidebovine, Gt-peptide
5DYS200 (A)2.30all-trans-retinalbovine, 1 mutated(2.61)
5EN0200 (A)2.81all-trans-retinalbovine,1 mutated,Gt-peptide
3AYM200 (A)2.80all-trans-retinalsquid, batho-state
200 (B)2.80all-trans-retinalsquid, batho-state
beta2 adrenergic3P0G200 (A)3.50BI-167107 human, Nb, T4L
3PDS200 (A)3.50FAUC50human, 1 mutated, T4L
3SN6200 (A)3.20BI-167107 human, 1 mutated, Gs, Nb, T4L-N
4LDE200 (A)2.79BI-167107 human, 1 mutated, Nb, T4L-N
4LDL200 (A)3.10XQChuman, 1 mutated, Nb, T4L-N
4LDO200 (A)3.20adrenalinehuman, 1 mutated, Nb, T4L-N
4QKX200 (A)3.3035Vhuman, 2 mutated, Nb, T4L-N
beta1 adrenergic2Y00200 (A)2.50dobutaminturkey, 6 mutated
200 (B)2.50dobutaminturkey, 6 mutated
2Y01200 (A)2.60dobutaminturkey, 6 mutated
200 (B)2.60dobutaminturkey, 6 mutated
2Y02200 (A)2.60carmoterolturkey, 6 mutated
200 (B)2.60carmoterolturkey, 6 mutated
2Y03200 (A)2.85isoprenalineturkey, 6 mutated
200 (B)2.85isoprenalineturkey, 6 mutated
2Y04200 (A)3.05salbutamolturkey, 6 mutated
200 (B)3.05salbutamolturkey, 6 mutated
4AMI200 (A)3.20bucindololturkey, 6 mutated
200 (B)3.20bucindololturkey, 6 mutated
adenosine A2A3QAK200 (A)2.71UK-432097human, T4L
2YDO200 (A)3.00adenosinehuman, 4 mutated
2YDV200 (A)2.60NECAhuman, 4 mutated
4UG2200 (A)2.60CGS21680human, 4 mutated
200 (B)2.60CGS21680human, 4 mutated
4UHR200 (A)2.60CGS21680human, 4 mutated
5G53200 (A)3.40NECAhuman, Gs mimic
200 (B)3.40NECAhuman, Gs mimic
neurotensin 14GRV200 (A)2.80hexapeptiderat, 5 mutated, T4L
3ZEV200 (A)2.80hexapeptiderat, 9 mutated
199 (B)2.80hexapeptiderat, 9 mutated
4BUO200 (A)2.75hexapeptiderat, 9 mutated
200 (B)2.75hexapeptiderat, 9 mutated
4BV0200 (A)3.10hexapeptiderat, 24 mutated
200 (B)3.10hexapeptiderat, 24 mutated
4BWB199 (A)3.57hexapeptiderat, 23 mutated
200 (B)3.57hexapeptiderat, 23 mutated
4XES200 (A)2.60hexapeptiderat, 3 mutated
4XEE200 (A)2.90hexapeptiderat, 2 mutated
5T04200 (A)3.30hexapeptiderat, 3 mutated
serotonin HT1B4IAQ200 (A)2.80dihydroergotaminehuman,cyt-ICL3,3.41
4IAR200 (A)2.70ergotaminehuman,cyt-ICL3,3.41
serotonin HT2B4IB4200 (A)2.70ergotaminehuman,cyt-ICL3,3.41
4NC3200 (A)2.80ergotaminehuman,cyt-ICL3,3.41,xfel
5TVN200 (A)2.90LSDhuman,cyt-ICL3,3.41
M2 muscarinic4MQS200 (A)3.50iperoxohuman,Nb
4MQT200 (A)3.70iperoxohuman,Nb,LY2119620
GPR404PHU200 (A)2.30TAK-875human, 4 mutated, T4L
mu opioid5C1M200 (A)2.10BU72mouse, Nb
endothelin ETB5GLH198 (A)2.80ET-1human, T4L
P2Y124PXZ200 (A)2.502MeSADPhuman, cyt-ICL3
4PY0199 (A)3.102MeSATPhuman, cyt-ICL3
viral US284XT1199 (A)2.89CX3CL1Cytomegalovirus, Nb
4XT3200 (A)3.80CX3CL1Cytomegalovirus
AT2 angiotensin5UNF200 (A)2.808EShuman, cyt, xfel, P21
199 (B)2.808EShuman, cyt, xfel, P21
5UNG200 (B)2.808EShuman, cyt, xfel, P21221
5UNH197 (A)2.908EMhuman, cyt, xfel
196 (B)2.908EMhuman, cyt, xfel
smoothened4QIN200 (A)2.60SAG1.5human, cyt-ICL3